Huge, Large or Small, we can copy it all


Our  Xerox® Versant® 180 Printer delivers the most adaptable capabilities on the market: Unmatched application flexibility, unsurpassed image quality, professional-grade finishing, enhanced reliability and security, plus advanced tools and automation.

It boasts 80 pages per minute and can handle sheets of 300gsm from A5 to SRA3.

Black and White

Our Xerox D95 has fast print speeds of up to 125 pages per minute in 2400 dpi and in-line finishing options to expand our application capabilities.

Rated speed
125 ppm – A4
78 ppm – B4
62 ppm – A3
34 ppm – SRA3

Large Format

Our KIP large format printer is perfect for architectural plans and anything else you wish to print really big in black and white or grey scale.
It also allows for scanning of flat large documents sheets, for archiving or printing in colour.
Our Epson SureColor SC-T5200 maximises performance in busy graphics, CAD and GIS production environments. Powerful image processing and a fast print speed meet the market’s need for maximum productivity and flexibility. 
Perfect for printing large colour posters.